June 18, 2013

Zero Waste Takeout.

Sometimes you just want to sit on your couch and eat your favorite Thai food while watching Arrested Development. Unfortunately, a delivery of Thai would include many plastic containers, plastic forks, napkins, menus, a brown paper bag, a plastic bag over that, and a printed receipt.

It is important to remember that many cities, including New York City, do not actually recycle to-go containers contrary to what many think. So with a little bit of effort  including a phone call, three mason jars, and a little walking, I had my Thai food sans waste and guilt! 

The Steps to Zero Waste Take-out:
  1. Pick your restaurant 
  2. Call ahead... "I want to come in and get food for pickup, is it okay if I bring my own containers?" If yes... 
  3. Thank them profusely 
  4. Plan what you are going to order. In my case it was two soups and some sticky rice
  5. Gather the necessary containers (3 ball jars for me)
  6. Head to the restaurant, order, and give them your containers 
  7. Get your food, thank them for being so great and letting you bring containers, walk home, sit on couch, eat, laugh, ahhhhhhh 

By viewing this post you hereby agree to the terms and conditions herethereforetowithin that we are releasing the name of our favorite Thai restaurant in New York City. It is solely the responsibility of the reader not to inundate this restaurant with too much business so that we may continue to eat there regularly without delay. The owners of this blog will not be held responsible for feelings of ecstasy and excessive mouth watering as a result of the consumption of Tue Thai Food. All rights reserved Trashisfortossers. 


  1. Even though you choose not to collect the receipt to throw it away, it is still being printed, just thrown away by someone else. Comments?

  2. Without checking, my guess is that this is a health code violation in NYC and other cities. It would be ironic if mentioning their name gets them in trouble.

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  4. It is not a violation when you provide a food establishment with properly sanitized containers. If the establishment questions the cleanliness, they simply rinse them with sanitizer before packing them with food. Thank you Lauren so much for all these tips. I am too an environmental studies student in California.

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