July 5, 2013

Vegetable Storage.

I used to bring produce home from the market and throw it in my refrigerator unwashed. Unfortunately, after one day, ready to eat a salad, I would pull my lettuce, kale, or spinach out and it would be wilted and crunch-less. The technique I am about to show you keeps my leafy greens fresh and crunchy longer than any other storage method I have tried and it is completely waste free!

Step 1: Wash your greens and leave them to dry in a colander 
 Step 2: Lay out a cotton/linen napkin and put your greens in the bottom right corner
 Step 3: Fold the bottom right corner of the napkin and tuck the greens in
 Step 4: Begin to roll the greens towards the top right corner
 Step 5: Roll until you meet the top left corner of the napkin and put the corner on top
 Step 6: take the two outer edges and bring to the center
 Step 7: Knot the outer edges of the napkin and pull tight and you are done!
 Storage Option 1: Store on your shelf in the refrigerator
 Storage Option 2: Store in your humidity controlled crisper drawer


  1. I started using the green produce bags over a month ago and they help my produce last about a week longer. Any idea how much longer these will help the produce last. I think as those bags give out after ten or so uses each I will lean towards cloth like you have shown.

    1. Hi Dah-veed!

      I would say they help extend the life for about four days, so probably less than the green produce bags, but since I only buy enough to feed me for about 5 days, it is perfect for me. What I like about them is that it is extending the life of the produce without using plastic or disposables and my food is ready for eating/cooking. The cotton also doubles as my drying rags/hand towels so I find them to be a great investment :)

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I think vegetables items should keep in refrigerator because it keeps fresh it as like as before. So it's quality doesn't vain. All times it refresh for a certain time. Your advice is really complementary. Thanks for sharing your advice.


Thank you for your comment! <3 -Lauren

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