August 26, 2013

Zero Waste, No-Tape Gift Wrapping

My step mother had her birthday party over the weekend. Not only is she the amazing mother of my beautiful two year old sister, she is an aspiring midwife who is a living encyclopedia of all things... well... anatomical. To celebrate her birthday and to play on her interests, I found this handmade pillow on Etsy which could not be a more fitting gift for her.

When I think of "gift wrap" I think of overstimulating patterns, shimmery ribbon, and lots and lots of waste. It is definitely a predicament when you still want to adhere to the traditional "surprise" sentiment when giving them. My solution? As easy as going downstairs to my building's recycling room. It is always full of clean newspapers, tissue paper, and kraft paper which are all fantastic wrapping alternatives. I was lucky to find a big piece of beautiful brown paper that reminds me of traditional ye olde country store wrapping. That plus some biodegradable twine that I picked up at my local hardware store works perfectly!

For Zero Waste gift wrapping you will need:
-upcycled paper (newspaper, tissue paper, kraft paper)
-biodegradable twine
 Position your gift in the wrapping and determine how much you will need
Trim away the extra 
Save it for another gift!
 Fold sides like you would a typical gift
Put the twine under the gift in the same direction as the folded sides. Tucking the pre-folded sides pull the twine towards the center, cross them and then pull towards the other sides and flip like you would string on any gift. Knot on the top to secure. 
I secured this gift with some dried lavender from the farmers market that I keep in my apartment, it smells fantastic! No tape needed!


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  4. Do you consider that the gift receiver may just throw out the upcycled paper?

  5. Do you consider that the gift receiver may just throw out the upcycled paper?

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  7. I am doing this for two or three years now. People don't like it and kinda laughing when I use old newspaper instead of fancy wrapping paper.
    Btw the flower looks gorgeous on top of the present. I love it!