November 24, 2013

Zero Waste Travel Kit.

Traveling makes me think of the section in the pharmacy filled with mini-versions of conventional hygiene products at escalated prices. When I used to use them, I would settle for a shampoo that I didn't really like, a deodorant that I would inevitably toss or forget about, and some other tiny supplies that would just be thrown out after my week of travel was up. Then I would buy them again for my next trip.

So much waste.

By reusing some containers you probably already have at your home, you can skip the travel section of your pharmacy altogether and make a travel kit full of the products you use everyday- absolutely free.

Here is how I packed my kit:
  • Sustainable Toothbrush
  • Homemade Tooth Powder that I put in an old skincare jar 
  • A vintage Soap Container to protect my soap (If you already have one, don't buy a new one! Try to find one on Craigslist, from a local Etsy vendor, or at your local thrift store) 
  • A bulk-unpackaged Organic Shampoo bar that I use everyday (no need to buy a new one-I use the one that I have in my shower) - I also use this as body soap when I travel
  • Bulk Conditioner in a small jar
  • Homemade Body and Face Cream
  • Homemade Deodorant 
  • Glasses
  • Contact Case
    • I do not normally pack contact solution with me as my entire family wears contacts and I always know I can borrow theirs. In the event that I am flying, I buy a travel sized contact solution. Otherwise, I bring my full sized solution. Contact solution is the one thing that I still purchase instead of making as I can recycle the container, and want to ensure that my eyes are protected. 
  • Reusable Razor (not shown) I would bring this in my toiletries case if I am not flying- otherwise I would purchase a new blade at my destination. I do not check luggage, otherwise you could check your razor blade. 
  • Organic Tea Tree Oil- flying, changes in eating habits, and alcohol can cause blemishes which I like to keep at bay using a dab of tea tree oil
  • Aspirin/Antacid - when I travel, my eating and sleeping patterns change which can cause upset stomach or headaches- I like to be prepared for this by bringing these along
  • A handkerchief- I bring this along to serve a variety of purposes, to use as a napkin, to wrap my toothbrush in if it is wet, or in place of tissues 
I put all of these items in the same toiletries case that has been in my family for years. There is absolutely no need to buy any type of travel case as this works perfectly! If you need one, you could use a makeup bag, a collapsable lunch box, or a large pencil case. You might also be able to find a reusable bag at your local thrift store.
Safe Travels! 


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  2. Is there a reason you don't check luggage in?

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  4. Hi :) first of all really amazing blog and I am impressed by your commitment! being an environmental studies major myself I can really relate to that feeling that motivated you to start your zero waste life! I still have a long way to go but I'm doing my best ;)
    well what I actually wanted to ask... do you have a recipe for your homemade body cream? if you have one it would be really cool if you could send it to me :)
    greeting from vienna, austria
    nadja :)

  5. Hi Lauren, not a particularly dignified question this but what do you do for loo roll and sanitary towels?

    1. Check out her alternatives section! I use a Diva cup, which is awesome. But there are also sites that sell reusable pads and organic cotton tampons.

  6. I've been trying to put together a travel kit I can easily renew without a lot of money/waste and that's how I came across this place. At the moment I'm on the hunt for a razor with removable and sharpen-able blades. However I have an extra, annoying, issue. Even eBay, a place I browse regularly, will often charge ridiculously high postage to Australia where I am (some sellers in the US seem to think I live on Mars!). I will keep looking however.
    I probably will never live totally trash free but some things really don't need to be disposable. I applaud your ingenuity and perseverance and thank you for posting stuff to read. It is a great motivator for someone like me who struggles sometimes. :)

  7. How did you replace dental floss? Could you post the ingredients and recipe for your deodorant, shampoo bar, and body/face cream? Thank you!

  8. Yes, I'd love to know what you do about dental floss as well!

    1. I was looking for a zero waste alternative to string dental floss, but I couldn't find one here in my country (Philippines), and a gum stimulator can't help push food debris out of my tight-knit teeth. But then I discovered this portable water flosser, called Pocket Flosser, in Kickstarter and I think it's a great alternative!

      Water flossers works just as good, or even better, than dental floss. It's basically water pressure pushing food debris (and even plaque) off. What's great about this is that it doesn't need any electricity or even batteries so you don't have to worry about energy. It only requires easy manual hand pump to accumulate pressure then it's just as good. While this doesn't necessarily fit in your pockets (as the name may suggest, the pocket actually refers to spaces in between the teeth), I still think it's a better alternative to those pricey and stationary water flossers, and it's still very handy when traveling. This pump is made of BPA-free food-grade silicon. It's also better because it's only a one-time purchase and you don't have to worry about running out or disposing anything. :) Plus, it won't hurt your fingers and gums!

      If you would love to get this product, you can get them here:

      Spread the word to help this product come to life and go zero waste! :)

  9. I'm also curious about dental floss!

  10. Hi Lauren can you share which shampoo bar do you buy in bulk? What does it contain and what is the PH of it? I havê made the switch but my hair is super dry and I havê been reading that the alkaline ingredientes to do the saponification bring down the PH too much so I dont know how to counter balance it or how to find an appropriate one! I AM asking you because every picture you post your hair always looks wonderful:) thanks

    1. Some people use apple cider vinegar as a rinse to bring up the acidity.


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  12. Then, I just had to make the cute little stress ball balloons I saw here. Just fill balloons with Play Doh and draw faces on them. I made 2 for our calm down box at home, and 2 for the travel bag. rome attractions

  13. What about toilet paper when you travel? Do you bring your own recycled toilet paper for public restrooms?

  14. Lauren
    What kind of shampo and conditioner do you use?
    Deodorant as well and does it work well in preventing odour?

  15. Lauren
    What kind of shampo and conditioner do you use?
    Deodorant as well and does it work well in preventing odour?

  16. Hi, my name is Noelia, I'm from Spain. I adore your blog. Please could you make a video on how to make a shampoo bar?

  17. hi,
    where could you buy aspirin in zero waste?

  18. I too would like to know about the homemade deodorant and shampoo that can be used in travel.
    Passport Photo Tips

  19. Hey Lauren, Could you make an updated post of this one? Would love to see all the advancements and things you've kept the same. ^^

  20. Hi Lauren, did you know that many travel size contact solution bottles can be refilled by prying the lid off and then putting it back on? For someone like me who flies often and doesn't stay with people who have solution it's been a great way to reduce's an example of how it's done (, though I've done it with a different bottle from this example too.


Thank you for your comment! <3 -Lauren

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