January 20, 2014

The Ultimate Zero Waste Lunch Kit

I just started my first real, post-graduate job last week (YAY!). The downside, it is about an hour away from my house in an area with nothing but fast food- not exactly what I want to be eating. The upside, I am a vegetarian and also LOVE to cook, so I am going to be bringing my lunch to work every day. To do so, I invested in the ultimate Zero Waste and Plastic Free Lunch kit. AKA a super cool lunch box for adults.

It includes:

  • One airtight stainless steel lunch container 
    • I got mine from Life Without Plastic. It is great. Totally spill proof, easy to clean, and it has optional dividers so that I can keep my food separate. 
  • One reusable fork like this one from Life Without Plastic 
    • I also got this from Life Without Plastic. Besides the fact that it is insanely adorable and foldable, it comes in an organic cotton carrying case. I am still deciding whether I should keep it in my bag at all times, or just leave it at work. You could also pick up a fork from the Goodwill or Salvation Army to leave at the office. 
  • One reusable napkin 
    • I use Organic cotton napkins at my house, and I bring one to the office and leave it there for the week and then bring it home to wash it on Friday. So easy. LWP offers a couple options including a book of washable napkins which seem pretty cool although I haven't tried them. 
  • A couple Organic cotton bags for snacks or sandwiches 
    • (you can also use them for bulk at the market). I use these to buy rice and pasta at the market, but I also use them to carry granola, nuts, popcorn or even a sandwich to work. They are super lightweight and washable. 
  • One mason jar, glass, or stainless steel canteen
    • I leave a stainless steel water bottle at work and just wash it in the sink. I also leave a mason jar for hot liquids like coffee. You could also bring a glass from home or purchase one at your local thrift shop for under a dollar. P.S. if you drink iced coffee or tea, you might want to invest in a stainless steel straw. I LOVE mine. 


  1. Great article! Thanks for sharing all these tips!

  2. I have a hard time drinking out of stainless steel because of the super strong and kind of gross metallic taste. Does the taste bother you? Do you have any tricks to get rid of or deal with the taste?

    1. Opt for a glass straw! They're actually quite durable as well and they're tasteless. Plus you can see what you're cleaning more easily.

  3. Do you ever have a hot lunch?

  4. I'd like to know too! I nuke all my lunches in the microwave, so stainless steel lunch boxes are a no go!

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