March 14, 2014

Recipe: Coconut Butter

Coconut butter. This might be one of the easiest things to make, ever. It is creamy, rich, and sweet and only takes about 5 minutes to make.

All you need…

-A few cups of Organic shredded coconut (I buy mine in bulk and it is SO inexpensive)
-A food processor
-A jar with a lid … That's it!

To make the coconut butter put a couple of cups of coconut in the food processor and grind it until it becomes a smooth liquid. Using a spatula, occasionally scrape the sides of the processor to get everything combined evenly. I use this opportunity to check the consistency and to taste. Once it is a smooth consistency put it into a mason jar. I wish I could tell you how long it will last for, but I eat mine within a couple of days so I have never had the opportunity to find out. 

How do you eat it? On a spoon, in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with berries, with granola, over a banana, on your fingers, all the time. It is SO delicious. 


  1. AMAZING. Trying this today.

  2. simplyeatingsimplyFriday, April 18, 2014

    love love love coconut butter! you inspired me to make my own a few days ago.. didn't look as good as yours though :P

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Thank you for your comment! <3 -Lauren

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