April 19, 2014

You Want to Try and Live Zero Waste But You Don't Want to Make Your Own Skincare. So Where Does That Leave You?

My suggestion for skincare is always make it yourself because you know exactly what is going in it. But not everyone has the time or the motivation to do that - which is why I believe that if you are going to purchase skincare, the best thing is to buy it from people who are making it the best way possible. Especially if it is local and Organic.

Enter Meow Meow Tweet.

They are a "vegan + pure + crafted by hand" skincare company based in Brooklyn, NY making small batch goods that range from deodorant to candles that use organic and plant based ingredients.

I tried out a few of their products and fell in love with 2 in particular. Their face oil and their cocoa cream. They both smell ah-mah-zannnggggg. I particularly like the face oil and my skin feels great and I haven't had one blemish since using it. Even after one or two nights of drinking which usually result in some skin issues.

If you live in NY guess what… they are at the Vegan Shop-Up every month and you can bring their glass containers back to them for $1 off of your next purchase. They sterilize and reuse them! They also sell unpackaged soap ends by weight at the shop-up. My suggestion: bring a reusable cotton bag, old pillowcase, or a cloth napkin and load up, totally waste free!
The best part is now I have an all glass travel kit to use once I finish all of the products! Totally waste free (their labels are biodegradable) and it came in an amazing cotton pouch which is perfect for travel! 


  1. meowwwww meow tweet! Can't wait to try their products! Thanks for the recommendations, Lauren. So far I've made my own toothpaste and face mask, taking some inspiration from you, but realistically I don't always plan ahead enough to make everything. This is great information!

    1. Ya it's totally awesome! I'm so glad that you make your toothpaste, I can't wait to try your recipe with the clay! Maybe you can write it up for the blog!

  2. HI! I came across your blog and i loved it, it really opened my eyes and confirmed a lot of things i was trying to do. Can you post your skin care routine, or recipes for skin care? (that is my problem area, scars, acne, sensitivity) and i don't want to use any more chemicals =( Thanks! You are very inspiring!

  3. Hi Lauren. Which website do you reconmend for those who want to make their own skincare products? X

  4. This is awesome!
    I've been looking for a good product to use for black heads - reckon the face oil would work for that as well?

    Kind regards, peace and love from Norway. ^_^

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  6. Greasy oil and dead skin cells make pore-clogged for which toxins can’t go out from our skin and that particular areas, as a result, become the perfect breeding ground for bacterial infection and acne blemishes.

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  7. Nice review about cocoa cream. By the way please have a look at our scar cream products and reviews about top 3 scar creams. Hope you will definitely like it.

  8. MeowMeowTweet's baking soda free deodorant is amazing. It goes on dry, doesn't clump or get white on clothes, and smells really fresh. I bought both the Lavender and Grapefruit 1 oz. jars. I do have to reapply mid-day, but I love it.

  9. I've tried two products from Meow Meow Tweet.

    One of them is Face Cleanser. I really dislike this product. :( It smells so awful and I don't like how it feels on my skin and I feel like it's not getting much job done. I'm going to use mine up but won't be repurchasing it.

    Their other product was their deodorant. Very surprisingly this product worked!!! And I was shocked that it did as my armpits get very sweaty and smelly and before that the only product that worked on me was L'Occitane rollerball deodorant for men. I hated purchasing it because it's not cruelty-free but it's literally the only thing that worked on me. I've tried many deodorants: conventional and natural and nothing worked. This is the second product that worked on me. The only downside is that it doesn't last very long. I think one small jar lasted me 3 weeks. $8 for 3 weeks worth of deodorant seems very expensive to me :( So now I'll be trying to make my own and hope that it works.


Thank you for your comment! <3 -Lauren

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