May 30, 2014

P.S. I Don't Wake Up Like This.

I live a Zero Waste lifestyle and while I make almost all of the products I use, I don't make my own make up, I buy it!  

The jig is up, i'm a fraud, I BUY my own makeup from RMS Beauty! It is packaged, yes. BUT guess what you judgie-mc-judgesters, it is also local, made with Organic ingredients, and has 100% recyclable packaging. Still totally Zero Waste. So you can relax now, ahhhhh.

No joke once per week someone says, wow, your skin is beautiful I can't believe you don't wear makeup! Well, guess what people I DO. It just looks like I don't because RMS's founder Rose-Marie Swift's products are exceptional and create the appearance of perfect skin without looking like you are wearing any makeup at all. 

I use two products every single day. They are the "un" cover-up in #11 and the lip2cheek in Promise and they are what separate me from feeling great, and feeling flawless. With just a few tiny dabs of "un" cover-up and a swipe of lip2cheek, I am ready to take on the world. 

I don't typically feel comfortable promoting packaged products, but I love Rose Marie's so much that I had to share.  

TIFT: Give me a background on Rose-Marie: what was your journey towards developing your line?
RMS: After many years in the fashion and make-up industry, I’ve learned a lot about the impact of daily exposure to chemicals in beauty care products. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t live up to its promises. I see the results of taking a quick-fix approach to looking good. I know first-hand the price our health can pay in the pursuit of beauty. I realized that what women need are skin care, color cosmetics, toiletries that are as pure as possible, lines that create a solid foundation for anti-aging and long-term beauty. Skin is a living organism. It breathes, interacts, and absorbs information from everything it encounters. It’s in constant communication with the environment. Without healthy skin, we are vulnerable to the effects of everything we encounter. Unfortunately, it is still believed that the skin acts as a barrier to the outside world, blocking out whatever was applied to it. We now know that what we put on the skin can be absorbed in the skin and in some circumstances into the bloodstream. You only need to look to medical patches, anti-smoking patches and hormone replacement patches for proof. My background as an advocate for cleaner cosmetics came when my own health deteriorated years ago and thru my research I realized many of the chemicals that were in my body were also found through out the beauty industry.  In fact, many ingredients are downright harmful. Sadly, the list of harmful ingredients in your personal care products is long – and we continue to use them daily. I am honestly trying to educate every woman to be more aware of not just what they put on their skin, but also what they put in their bodies. 

TIFT: The majority of my readers know that chemicals are bad and we should stay away from them, but it is easy to focus on chemicals in cleaning products or pesticides on food. What is the deal with chemicals in makeup and why should we care about them?
RMS: Chemicals are redefining the beauty industry and that upsets me. I do not understand why that would not upset the beauty buying public. We believe too easily the marketing that we are exposed to every day and the promises of instant weight loss and instant anti-aging.  Reality check….it doesn't work that way. 

TIFT: Why did you choose to package in glass, metal, and paper instead of plastic?
RMS: I think this is an obvious explanation……Who wants more plastic out there in land fills and who wants toxic plastic chemicals leaching into ones makeup mostly ones in their pure state such as RMS Beauty? I don't and if you were smart nor would you. The beauty of the brand is also the fact it is recyclable.  

TIFT: What is your favorite product in the line?
RMS: I don't have a favorite product but I do have a favorite ingredient that is in pretty well in every product. The raw, organic, food grade coconut oil. Nothing is healthier and helps the skin more then that oil. Coconut oil has the lights levels of Lauric Acid(which is also found in human breast milk) which makes it anti-fungal, antibacterial and antimicrobial. It has to be extremely high quality coconut oil to retain the high levels of lauric acid. 

TIFT: If you could name one skincare habit that everyone should stop doing immediately, what would it be?
RMS: Wearing sunscreen the whole day. We need to expose our skin for 30 minutes a day without sunscreen to properly get all the healing properties of Vitamin D that our body needs for bone growth, for anti cancer and anti depression benefits..  Contrary to what one believes It can not be reproduced in synthetic vitamin form. 

TIFT: If you could encourage everyone to adopt a certain skincare practice, what would it be?
RMS: Taking your makeup off with RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream. The chemical laden mascaras and makeup wipes are aging and drying out the skin and lashes. 

TIFT: Do you have a natural skincare solution or product that you would suggest to every reader?
RMS: Yes my RMS Beauty Living Luminizer….nothing gives the skin more glowing and luminous radiance. My hero product and a celebrity favorite. 
TIFT: Do you have any natural skincare or makeup recipes for the DIY-ers out there?
RMS: Yes…..I love organic jojoba oil on the legs.  It gives not only gives a gorgeous moisturizing glow but also warms the tone of the skin due to its yellow hue. 
((side note, you can find Organic Jojoba in a lot of natural food stores in bulk!)) 

TIFT: What can we expect from RMS in the future?
RMS: I will be coming out with lots more but I keep it quiet for now.


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    1. I know... shes the BEST!!! :)))))) Thanks for connecting us!!!!

  2. Rose-Marie is such an inspiration. I can't use any other makeup now that I've tried RMS! Great interview Lauren.

    1. Hi Katherine,

      It is totally the best!! Glad you love it as much as I do :)))


  3. They have such a great philosophy!

  4. Something that many women fail to consider is that the ingredients in their cosmetics and personal care products can make them infertile or worse, give them thyroid conditions (even undetectable, as the thyroid hormones fail to work if other minerals, such as fluoride, bromine, and chlorine have taken the place of iodine), which in turn can result in children with cognitive damage. Our environments and bodies are loaded with chemicals which mimic hormones, causing insidious health issues that our doctors don't know how to diagnose. Xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens "numb" our estrogen receptors, making us estrogen dominant and progesterone deficient. This condition alone can cause magnesium deficiency (chocolate, anyone?), uterine fibroids, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Osteoporosis, Migraines associated with Menses, Cervical Dysplasia, hair thinning, Restless Leg Syndrome, excess fat on hips and belly, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, and hot flashes during menopause. Lots of people talk about soy being a dangerous phytoestrogen, but in reality, it's a very weak one. Soy is only dangerous when you break it apart, like TVP or Soy Protein Isolate. Coffee and cocoa are far and away stronger than soy. Caffeine, too. What you put on your skin or on your clothes is not filtered by the liver, so it is far more concentrated a dose than anything you would eat. I haven't looked at the ingredients for this brand of cosmetics, but I know only a small handful of companies manufacture cosmetics that are suitable for women who have sustained a chemical injury, and let's face it, by this time, we all have. Basically, avoid liquids, as they require a preservative: lotions (use oil), shampoos (use bar), laundry detergent (use powders), etc. Avoid powerful phytoestrogens in many essential oils (tea tree and lavender being the strongest phytoestrogens) and certain herbs and food oils (no cotttonseed, canola, safflower, sunflower oils), and xenoestrogens in plastics, preservatives (parabens!), and fragrances, etc.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you so much for this amazing and extremely insightful comment. I make everything that I use (except for my makeup) and I really only use a few ingredients: baking soda, castile soap, peppermint oil, coconut oil, shea butter, hemp oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, white vinegar, cinnamon oil, lavender oil, cocoa butter, arrowroot powder. Those are all of my ingredients for everything I use in my home and on my body :)

      Thank you again! Feel free to post more since I really enjoy learning more about chemicals!


  5. I'm scared to use coconut products since reading a study that found radioactive contamination in Coconuts, remnants from the Pacific nuclear testing, or maybe already from Fukushima's water contamination. You really have to find out where the coconut oil was sourced from. Thailand would be safer.

  6. I wish i could use coconut oil, but my skin is acne prone and it broke me out on deep cystic acne like never before.
    I've switched to organic hemp oil because hemp doesn't break me out.
    for makeup i use mineral makeup I found on etsy by ella rose minerals. Unfortunately they are packaged in plastic. But a little lasts forever so it's what i work with now. And my skin is a lot clearer

  7. Anonymous, Thailand would not necessarily be a safer source for coconuts now that we have Fukushima

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  13. Is there a mascara you would recommend?

  14. This was actually what i was looking for, and i am glad to came here! Thank you very much


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