September 19, 2014

A Zero Waste Evening with WTF Magazine X Tipi Project

What happens when you plop a teepee in the middle of Havemeyer Park in South Williamsburg and Natasha Garoosi is able to plan an event there? Magic, that's what.

On Wednesday WTF Magazine X Tipi Project had this amazing party and asked me to do a demo on how to make zero waste toothpaste. Oh yeah, and the demo was INSIDE of the teepee.
In short, it was an amazing night full of amazing Rawpothecary and The Juice Witches Organic juices, Sweet By Jana cookies, Pushcart Coffee pastries, Brush with Bamboo toothbrushes and new friends. And toothpaste. Lots of Zero Waste toothpaste.
We had all of the juices in large bottles and everyone was able to drink them out of mason jars. The decorations were all from friends - Natasha used a curtain as a tablecloth, The Juice Witches brought an awesome blanket, and I brought a bunch of mismatched jars from my house to use as vases that I filled with plants that were growing around the park. (The flowers were just kind of thrown on the ground, and others I literally picked out of the trash!) It was an incredible night that Natasha actually pulled together in THREE DAYS. It just goes to show you that you don't need much more than good people and a couple bottles of juice to host an extremely successful event.


  1. My husband and I were just in New York and stayed literally two blocks from the Tipi! It was awesome.

    1. Kelly,

      That is such a great area to stay in! The Tipi Project is amazing and I feel so lucky to have been involved in an event there! Hope you enjoyed your time in NYC :)


  2. This is amazing!! I love what you do, and you are gorgeous! xo


  3. Hi there! have you heard of using Miswak as a toothbrush? It is completely natural, comes from a tree, and once you tear the bark, it has a natural bristle like a toothbrush to brush your teeth. Plus has a natural fragrance and anti-bacterial properties especially for the mouth. It is common in Muslim cultures since it is highly recommended to use by Prophet Muhammad. Read more about it:) I'm quite sure it more 'zero waste' than the brush with bamboo toothbrushes..

    1. actually i just browsed your blog some more and saw the founder of brush with bamboo mentioned it. It will be great to see an actual post about it here, not many know of it can even eliminate toothpaste!

  4. YES, YES, YES, YES, YES! I'm floored by what you are doing! I can't even explain the excitement I felt when you talked about looking in the fridge and seeing how it contradicted the lifestyle you were trying to live. I've had a tremendous amount of guilt and shame having to throw out package after package or outdated technology etc. etc. etc.

    A discussion on this topic came up with a friend of mine last night after we stood in a grocery store staring at a massive stack of bottled water. My response: "We need to regulate corporations so that products aren't sold in non-renewable containers." Not to mention a plethora of other industrial techniques that should be regulated and discarded. His response: "I'd rather just make money and consume." Not the best moment for our friendship.

    I'm curious what I can do to help. I live in Portland, ME which is a great community full of individuals that love buying local and reducing waste. In my personal opinion, you would have a market up here.

    Lastly, I love the change you're making on an individual level. I even believe it will spread to many others who genuinely care and are concerned with how we live and the impacts we have on the environment. However, after years of contemplation and research, it becomes discouraging when you realize the immediate change needs to happen on a corporate, industrial level. While a small percentage of us are making the changes to better the environment and eliminate waste, large corporations are pumping out millions of tons of toxic chemicals, plastics, non-renewable packages, not to mention the oil spills, refineries etc. They have the marketing power, the political power and the industrial means to continue doing what they want. I mean, when your president signs an act to protect a corporation like Monsanto, it's hard to see the light, but there is one. Keep doing what you're doing. Effect as many people as you can and push yourself as far as you can go. Much love. Oh and you're very gentle on the eyes :)

  5. Que gran trabajo! Felicitaciones

    Seguro que ya eres una gran inspiración para quienes te rodean, y ahora lo seras a nivel mundial.
    Definitivamente seguiré tus pasos.

    Un abrazo fuerte,

    Eva Herrera
    Valparaíso, Chile

  6. But the brushes are in a box = trash, isn't it

    Valdiana Sá
    Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil

  7. Why a teepee? Was this organized by Native bands? (If so, itd be rad if you mentioned it) I just always feel uncomfortable by this aspect of the all-natural/tiny house/ect movement, as a Métis person, due to the rampant cultural appropriation. Like teepees have cultural significance for plains Natives....So please be conscious of cultural appropriation (and no, its not appreciation if you were not invited into the culture)... Love most of your blog tho..this just makes me feel very unwelcome...

  8. The Juice Witches brought an awesome blanket, and I brought a bunch of mismatched jars from my house to use as vases that I filled with plants that were growing around the park. Dance classes in Northeast Philadelphia

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