July 11, 2015

Day 1: Upstate New York

Today is the first day out... here is how I navigated my meals heading from NYC towards Michigan...

Breakfast: I had peanut butter and fruit package free from a co-op in Rochester
Lunch: I ate at a restaurant in Rochester and put my leftovers in a stainless steel container from Life Without Plastic
Snack: Fresh berries from a farmers market in Rochester in my airtight stainless steel containers
Dinner: Fresh veggies from the farmers market in my produce bags and airtight containers


  1. I really enjoyed this blogpost - Can't wait to receive my simply co and have it run for a battle against my soap nuts!

  2. cool, on commence à s'y mettre en france au "doge bag" qui semblait encore incongru il y a peu . et bien finalement c'est pratique et rentable pour tout le monde

  3. Heya,
    I live in Rochester and I am curious to know what co-op you went to and where you had lunch!
    Cheers, Molly

  4. Haha, is that picture taken at the Owl House by any chance? I love your blog, keep it up! <3

  5. Hi guys! My name is bronwyn and I'm living zerowaste in Rochester ny! First of all, check out abundance coop if you want to find the bulk store that she visited they have a good range, check out the bulk app for other places. While I'm here, is there anyone living zerowaste in Rochester ny who wants to meet up?!

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  8. Nice post, Thanks for sharing.
    That was a lovely day I guess.
    Cheers and Thanks.



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