July 15, 2015

Day 3: Grand Rapids Michigan

My last day in Grand Rapids was filled with preparing for the next leg of the road trip so this is just a quick update. Using the rest of my products from the farmers market we made blueberry jam and some cucumber, cabbage, and beet pickles! I used some canning jars and packed excess veggies in my stainless steel containers for the road. I also picked up a coffee along the way in my mason jar. Next stop, Chicago!


  1. Make sure to visit the Chicago farmers market. They have some great people there and great food.

  2. How did you pack everything you brought with you? Do you have any pictures of that? Really motivating posts, thanks!

  3. This is truly inspiring! I'm enjoying following your journey.

  4. Can you do a sample of daily meals (even if just pictures)? It's easier for me to see how no waste lifestyle is done if I can fully see a typical day. :)

  5. In your first post there was no mention of 7 canning jars being packed for the trip. Where did they come from?

  6. Maybe this is not applicable to you if you're not a gigantic klutz like I am, but how do you keep from constantly breaking the mason jars you carry your food and drinks around in?! I have a stainless steel water bottle, and I'm always dropping it on the ground and denting it. I would actually love to use a mason jar for my drinks because I like the way it looks, but I feel like I would destroy so many of them :)

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