January 30, 2015

Zero Waste Toothpaste: On YouTube!

My YouTube channel has officially launched and I'm kickin' it off with a video on how to make one of my favorite products, Zero Waste toothpaste!

This toothpaste is super quick and easy to make and is an awesome way to transition away from toothpaste tubes that end up in a landfill after using them. 

I want to hear from you! What how-to video would you like to see next?

For more tips on how to make Zero Waste toothpaste- check out this post! 

January 27, 2015

How to Make a Zero Waste Smoothie Bowl

Last week I spent the day with Lee Tilghman, the badass babe behind #leefromamerica, and made smoothie bowls!

I met Lee through some friends in the clean food movement and was instantly drawn to her energy. She is passionate, focused, and super driven. Her goal? To be a part of changing the way people eat. Well, she's doing a pretty damn good job. Her most recent claim to fame was an awesome feature by Free People where they referred to her as "The Smoothie Bowl Queen".

I challenged Lee to see if she could make a totally Zero Waste smoothie bowl and she absolutely delivered. Not only is this bowl incredibly tasty and healthy, it's completely waste free!

We started our day by heading to Integral Yoga natural foods to stock up on bulk ingredients. It was Lee's first time to Integral and I think she was pretty amazed at how many ingredients came in bulk!
We used Organic cotton drawstring bags to stock up on all of the supplies we needed. I also brought mason jars in case we needed to buy any liquids like maple syrup or honey. We grabbed almonds, spinach, coconut, flax seeds, and fresh turmeric.
After we bought everything we needed, we went back to her house to start prepping.
We chopped 3 bananas that were peeled and then frozen and added some ice.
Then we added spinach, avocado, turmeric, dates, and homemade almond milk.
We couldn't forget the compost! We composted the ends of the spinach, the avocado pit and peel, and some other veggie scraps and fruit peels in one of my mason jars that I brought home. Later I put it all into the compost bowl in my freezer. 
After everything was combined in the blender we let it do its thang and ended up with a super smooth green mixture. At this point I was starving and ready to eat, but Lee told me that we weren't done yet. It was time to decorate.
Lee is honestly an artist and her smoothie bowl game is on fleck. I just stood there, mouth agape, as she started to decorate. With perfect precision she added blood orange, buckwheat granola (or as Lee calls it, her buckini)...
... she also added homemade rawnola, coconut shreds, flax seeds, and pomegranate seeds.
Lee is the smoothie bowl master, and while I was totally intimidated, she let me take a stab at making my own designs. I opted for flax seed and coconut stripes! 
Besides being totally delicious, the finished product was incredibly beautiful and highly Instagramable. 
I was amazed by how easy it was to pack so much nutrition into one delicious bowl. It was honestly dessert. I would eat it every day! 

Want to try to make your own smoothie bowl? Here's how we did it...

Recipe (Makes 2 Servings) 
  • 3 previously peeled and frozen bananas
  • 1 cup almond milk (recipe here) 
  • 1/8 cup fresh turmeric (save the peels and put in hot water for turmeric tea!) 
  • 1/4 ripe avocado 
  • 3 cups of organic loose spinach (you can add other greens depending on preference)
  • 3 medjool dates (compost the pits!) 
Put everything into the blender to combine. Pour into bowls and decorate with any toppings you want. 

I'm so inspired by her and totally start to drool anytime she talks about her daily meals with me. Lucky for me and anyone else interested her recipes she has a gorgeous website where she posts her creations!  So much to makkkkeeee!
Photography: Keith Morrison
Lee's Website: Lee From America

January 21, 2015

Win a Mason Tap by Cuppow!

I buy lots of liquids in bulk and therefore have lots of things that need pourin' in my house. Salad dressing, olive oil, soy sauce, vinegar... the list goes on and on. Unfortunately pourable items often need pour spouts or you get way more pour than you need and that stinks. I definitely don't want to use a plastic spout so where does that leave me? Until recently I was using a secondhand pour spout that had a plastic base and stainless steel top. I would funnel my bulk liquids into glass jars from my mason jar that I bought them in and then put the pour spout on top. It got messy and I had to do dishes (thumbs down). Now I don't have to do that anymore. When I get home after shopping I can now bring my liquids from store to shelf without having to funnel a thing just by switching the cap on my mason jar from a regular canning lid to a mason tap by Cuppow.

The Mason Tap is a unique pour spout that fits any regular mouth mason jar. It is made in the USA from high quality stainless steel and finished with a handcrafted flip cap. It can handle anything from salad dressing to infused waters, oils, or spirits. So, cool

Three readers will win a mason tap. All you have to do is enter below and comment on this page about something that you find difficult to find a zero waste alternative to!
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January 14, 2015

I'm now on YouTube!!!!

So the time has come... you have all convinced me, I started a YouTube channel! Woohoo!! So please subscribe and check out my first video! Let me know, what should I make videos about?