May 26, 2015

5 Easy Beauty DIY's

Did you know that you can make so many of the products that you buy? It's true! And you can do it from scratch with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen cabinet!!


Yes­. I’m talking about ingredients like baking soda, coconut oil, sugar, and sea salt. Forget the unnecessary colors, additives, and fillers that are always found in toiletry essentials such as toothpaste and makeup remover. By making your own products using minimalist ingredients found in your home, you get get the job done twice as fast for just a fraction of the price­. 

1. Toothpaste

You don’t need to buy that $5 tube of toothpaste from the drugstore. Instead, you can whip it up in under two minutes using only coconut oil, baking soda, and an essential oil of your preference. Not only is making your own toothpaste easier than pronouncing the ingredient list on the back of a conventional store­bought tube, but you are also doing the earth a favor. You are keeping a tube of toothpaste that is difficult or impossible to recycle out of a landfill.

2 tablespoons organic coconut oil
1 tablespoon baking soda
20 drops of organic essential oil (peppermint, spearmint, anise, cinnamon)

Combine all three ingredients in a small jar. To use, spoon onto your toothbrush and brush as you normally would.
2. Makeup Remover

Who says the only way to remove last night’s smudged mascara is by applying one­time use pads drenched with abrasive toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances? Instead of going for some expensive product or oil, one of the best (and most frugal) makeup removers you can find is coconut oil. Just use about a teaspoon on your face, rub it in, and wipe off with a washcloth. Then follow with your normal face washing routine. If you have a coconut oil allergy, you can swap coconut oil for sesame, olive, or calendula oil.

3. Hand/ Body Scrub

Make coffee in the morning? Throw away the grinds? If so, you are actually tossing an unsuspecting beauty item... hand/body scrub! Coffee grounds are one of nature’s most effective exfoliants. Just take the grinds and scrub your skin to remove dead skin and soften your hands or body. Because coffee grinds contain caffeine, it is a natural anti­inflammatory, which thereby helps to enhance circulation and can help to boost the production of collagen. We won’t blame ya if you find yourself rubbing it into your rump now and again, it’s the perfect cellulite blaster!

4. Exfoliating mask

For a simple and effective face mask that is sure to fight acne, baking soda is the best go­to. Baking soda is a gentle exfoliant and when 1 teaspoon is mixed with a splash of water and rubbed into your skin, the exfoliation process will remove oil, dirt, and dead skin. Leave the mixture on for about 5­-10 minutes and then rinse with water for a mask that will help to prevent breakouts and blackheads in the future by removing excess oil.

Bonus:​You can use a paste of baking soda and water as a spot treatment for pimples. The soda will help to draw out the infection and also dry out the inflamed area.

5. Lip Scrub

For a great lip exfoliant look no further than your sugar dish. Organic sugar is an amazing natural exfoliant, and you can eat it too! If you don’t want to use sugar, you can use a coarse ground salt for the same effects.

By making these products not only will you find yourself saving hundreds of dollars over the course of the year , but they are also amazing for the planet (and your body). They are organic, contain no toxic chemicals, and many of the necessary ingredients can be purchased package free in bulk or natural product stores. 

May 21, 2015

5 Ways To Reduce Your Waste TODAY.

Zero waste. Don't know where to start? Well - here are five simple changes that you can make today to reduce your waste:
  1. Switch to reusable bags.​This is an easy one. Not only do they help the environment by cutting down on single use bags that will basically just float around all American Beauty​ style for the next thousand years and pollute the oceans, but they are also a lot cuter than plastic bags.

  2. Refill.​The US consumes 1500 water bottles per second. Sad face. So whether you keep a water filter at your desk to fill up a glass to drink from, or you carry a stainless steel water bottle with you, you are preventing a lot of trash.

  3. BYO.​If you are a daily coffee drinker, (let’s face it, you probably are— Americans consume 146 billion cups of coffee per day)​, then chances are you are buying coffee from a coffee shop in a to­go cup. Most of those will end up in a landfill. There is a simple solution, bringing your own reusable cup or mason jar to a coffee shop. As an added bonus, most places will give you a discount on your beverage if you do bring your own container.

  4. Brush Better.​ Over 4.7 billion plastic toothbrushes are used each year. Because they are not recyclable, they end up floating in a landfill forever. By making one simple change from plastic toothbrushes to compostable bamboo ones you are not only doing yourself a favor (bamboo is naturally antimicrobial), but you are also doing the environment a solid because when you are done with the brush you can compost it. Not an ounce of trash is produced.

  5. Embrace secondhand. T​extile waste is a huge problem. We consume so much clothing that we are constantly throwing away our old​ duds. On top of that, every garment produced creates textile waste that winds up in the trash. In 2013 in the US alone over 13 million tons of textiles went into landfills. An easy way to cut down on your textile trash is to shop secondhand. Don’t let that word scare you; not all secondhand is created equal. At the top of the pyramid is upscale consignment. Consignment stores are more selective, therefore it is likely that you will find high­quality and gently­worn designer pieces for a fraction of the price. Next up is vintage which, like consignment, is selective and typically high­ quality. There is also clothing that people sell for fast cash, and if you play your cards right you can find one­ of ­a ­kind designer outfits for next to nothing. Finally comes donated clothing which is a toss up; you can find some serious gems, but you could also find skid marks. So it’s important to be patient and shop wisely.
The big picture is that we are producing way too much trash unnecessarily, and we all have the capacity to cut down. These simple changes aren’t just beneficial for the environment, they also mean that you don’t have to take out the trash as frequently. So even if you are not into mamma nature, going waste­free creates more free time in your schedule.