August 22, 2016

FAQ: What do you do about toilet paper?

Check out this video that talks about my Zero Waste bathroom adventures, yay!

I use recycled toilet paper wrapped in paper instead of big packages wrapped in plastic. When the toilet paper is flushed it goes to a wastewater treatment plant where it naturally biodegrades (breaks down).

August 16, 2016

FAQ: How do you have a ZERO WASTE period?

FAQ: How do you have a Zero Waste period? 

Check out this video to see how I deal with my monthly period completely waste free.

For the products listed in this video, check out these links: Menstrual Cup // Organic Cotton Pads

August 3, 2016

What is in Our Condoms? A chat with Meika Hollender of Sustain.

Check out this video with me and my friend Meika Hollender of Sustain Condoms to learn about what is lurking in our condoms and what you can do about it!
To sign the petition to get nitrosamines out of condoms click THIS LINK.

June 15, 2016

Extending the Life of Your Shoes

"When you look good you feel good"

That is the motto that is hanging above the desk of Alex, my shoe guy. He has been repairing my shoes for three years now.

When I bring him my shoes they typically look like straight trash. I procrastinate so much before taking them to him, they are basically at the point of falling apart. They look like they should just be thrown away. But then Alex performs some type of magic and fixes them to the point where they look brand new and I remember, oh yeah, people make shoes, they can fix them too.

... a DUH moment, but it is so easy to buy a new pair of shoes that we forget that it can be simple to forget we can fix the ones we have.

I love these two pairs of shoes so much and found them both secondhand for practically nothing, wore them until they were dead, and don't think I could find them again. I am SO grateful that people like Alex exist so that I can keep wearing the shoes that I love, and not have to spend lots of money on new shoes or spend lots of time finding ones I like again.

It is so much better to fix what is broken then buy something new and in the process stimulate your local economy, support skilled jobs, and get to know new people in your community.

Here's a shoe tip: If you buy a new pair of shoes, bring them to a cobbler to have a bottom put on to protect them - it will exponentially increase the life of your shoes! 

Check out these before and after pictures!

PS - if you live in Williamsburg and need shoes repaired...
Broadway Shoes
236 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211
... otherwise I suggest finding your local repair person and going to them and if you like them, tell your friends!