May 12, 2016

My Events in Europe

While I am abroad during the month of May I have a few really exciting events that I am so happy to share with you:

May 16th and 17th @ Original Unverpackt: Berlin, Germany
I will be speaking on living a Zero Waste lifestyle in Berlin, Germany hosted by my favorite Zero Waste store, Original Unverpackt.
Tickets available here: 
May 23rd @ Silo Brighton, UK
I will be speaking alongside Douglas McMaster and Tom Griffiths on Zero Waste. There will be an amazing dinner and cocktails!
Tickets available at

May 11, 2016

Day 1: JFK -> St. Gallen

Day 1 and 1a: JFK -> St. Gallen

Besides the fact that I epically *ucked up my plane ticket, realized that I actually needed a visa to get to Moscow (go figure), and had to rebook a last minute flight to Switzerland at JFK, it somehow all worked out.

4:08pm: organic wine @ the airport?!
4:20pm: I am sitting on a flight from Paris to Zurich, 18 minutes from landing. I have been traveling for over 16 hours now and am exhausted and under-caffenated but all is not lost because I planned ahead, properly hydrated before I left, and packed pastries from Marlow and Sons in a napkin and reusable bag. I slept the full 8 hours from New York to Paris, had to re-book a flight in France due to an Air France oversight (seething), and am feeling quite good all things considered. I have a carry on pocket with fresh ginger and turmeric, a 4oz jar of powdered green juice and probiotics, and a mason jar which I have been using for water the entirety of my trip.
7:00pm: I just arrived to St. Gallen. I change my pants and go for a walk with my amazing host Chloe. She shows me a bulk olive oil store and a bulk chocolate shop in town.

8:30pm: We stop for fresh pasta. I opted for gnocchi.

11:00pm: BED.

Day 1a (what I am considering to be my real first day)
5:00am: I wake up, get dressed (conference garb all black & YES I bring my own slippers when I travel), and head to a bus where I am driven to a boat where I have the first day of the St. Gallen Symposium, a conference which I have been looking forward to since last year when I attended for the first time.

8am-9pm: engaged in talks from some of the biggest companies in Switzerland/Germany. I used my mason jar to drink water all day and said no to paper napkins!

11pm: In bed. Early day tomorrow!

PS... this store!!! St. Gallen you weird!

Two continents. One month. One carry on. Zero Trash

Two continents. One month. One carry on. Zero Trash

It started with giving a talk in Germany, and then attending a conference, and has grown into an international tour. Over the next month I will be traveling, speaking about zero waste, attending talks, and meeting some of the most progressive people in the waste scene- all while living out of my carry on suitcase!

I will be heading to a lot of places- more information to come! To stay updated ollow me on my blog, Instagram @trashisfortossers and snapchat Trashis4tossers 

Bon Voyage! 

May 2, 2016

Documentaries That Changed My Life

I've watched basically every environmental documentary out there, and I recommend educating yourself as much as possible, but this shortlist is all of the documentaries that changed my mindset massively and helped to inform my opinion on many things.

Gasland directed by Josh Fox was the documentary that got me to start using my voice as a tool to inspire environmental change. After seeing it I became very involved in anti-fracking activism which helped me to become trash free! A must see.
King Corn follows Ian and Curt as they try to learn where their food comes from. To do this they end up planting a hectare of corn. The process of doing this and what they end up with was one of my main motivators for becoming a vegetarian.
Food Inc.  - must see.
No Impact Man - This documentary follows Colin as he lives without making an impact (this isn't totally true as he still uses fossil fuels) but it's a pretty cool doc.
An Inconvenient Truth -  The climate is changing.
Check them out, let me know what you think!!